BOOK: A sibling’s dilemma

AUTHOR: Molly V. Lovell

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A SIBLING’S DILEMMA is a sweet, simple, romantic tale. It is a story with a few hitches which ultimately lead to a happily ever after.

A sweet, shy and kind-hearted girl goes to work for a standoffish billionaire to spy on him, as a favor to her sister. From insults to fights, from sympathies to caring for each other; they fall in love. Just when everything seems to be going well for both of them, he learns of her betrayal. The heartbroken girl ends up getting attacked and hospitalized which leads to other revelations about broken childhoods. Finally, they rekindle their relationships and live happily ever after.

The author, Molly Lovell, has done justice to each character. Every character’s actions affect other characters. Even the side characters have an important role to play; they don’t exist in isolation.

The book starts at an interesting note. The author has included what would have been the backdrop, as part of the main story line which gives the book a distinct impression. Also, what sets this book apart from clichéd romances is that it is infused with the world of detectives and technology.

This is a perfect lazy sunday, romantic read with a mills and boons vibe.




BOOK: Hidden in the dark

AUTHOR: RaShell Lashbrook

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“Hidden in the dark” by RaShell Lashbrook is a twisted tale of a highly dysfunctional family. A psychological thriller which touches upon many concepts such as crime, abuse, personality disorder, adultery, this book gives a peek inside a twisted family and the repercussions that follow.

You know what they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. The same applies to this family. What seems a nice, wanting for nothing family, is highly dysfunctional from inside. The father, the head of the family, the person who is supposed to protect the family is the one abusing the family. The mother, an emotionally distort person, is an abuser too since she looks away every time her husband does something amiss. The kids of the family pay highly and even after they have their own lives; they can’t seem to function normally. It’s how the eldest sister puts it “it’s so much a part of me now, like tree roots grown into a foundation, that if I pull it all out, the foundation will crumble”. It’s like they don’t know any other way to function other than being in a messed up life. The book however, soon takes a drastic turn when the mother decides to leave her husband and ends up being back to him, only to find him missing and later dead. The story that leads up to the revelation of the killer keeps readers on toes.

It’s a story of how parents can also break their children’s heart and spirit. It’s a tale with the sense of awe and disbelief. It’s a psychological thriller with many aspects that don’t let you catch your breath. Your heart goes out to the mother who couldn’t muster up enough courage to stand up for herself or her kids, or even accept the reality; the daughters of the family who couldn’t figure out a way to live life without destroying their happiness first. For all the characters who seem to be the collateral damage when came in the path of this dysfunctional family.

Rashell Lashbrook is an outstanding author with a knack of making readers empathise with the characters. She makes readers cry through her characters and their journey; and the inevitable doom. The profound effect of one’s upbringing is the resounding affect of this story. The way she has inculcated different themes in one storyline reflects her extensive knowledge of an assortment of concepts. The twists and turns, with gruesome detailing leads to an exhilarating climax.

Throw in characters like a sociopathic father, a delusional mother and self destructive children infused with abuse and personality disorder; you know you have got a brilliant book in your hands that you just cannot put down.


BOOK: House of lies

AUTHOR: E. V. Seymour

PUBLISHER: Harper Collins

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A world of deceit, falsehood, heartbreak, adventure and investigation, “House of lies” is a book revolving around mistaken identities and crime. A tale spun in a way that engages readers with the text till it reaches the exhilarating climax.

The journey starts with the disappearance of a mysterious man. He seems untraceable to everyone, including the law. His long live-in girlfriend senses something amiss and decides to take matters in her own hands. She tracks down another woman and discovers that she has been subjugated to the same fate. Her husband died a few years back and upon further enquiries, she learns that that woman’s husband and her boyfriend are the same person. She ventures out to discover the identity of the man with whom she once dreamt of spending the rest of her life with and discovers that his whole life has been a lie, down to a fake identity. It seems that even the law is mixed up in this shady world.

“House of lies” has a mysterious storyline with strong characters, who have their own backdrops. Life threatening danger looms over many lives including a little girl’s. A secret that dates back to two previous decades and a place which harbors a family’s dark and twisted secrets. A mystery which remained unsolved for more than two decades, what happens when the truth is revealed?

Portraying a strong-willed female protagonist and her determined quest to uncover her man’s identity, E. V. Seymour, through her writing, makes everyone a fan of crime fiction. She has managed to weave not one, but two separated mysteries within the same story. She has managed to capture the essence of the element of surprise. She has also brilliantly pencilled the repercussions of unresolved issues from the past. The book has many unforeseen moments which leave readers gasping and turning the pages. This is an unimaginable tale which, though ends with a closure, leaves readers yearning for more from the author.


BOOK: Seven years gone series
Book 1: Undesirable
Book 2: Undefinable
Book 3: Undeniable

AUTHOR: Liz Iavorschi-Braun

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Seven years gone series is a journey of a girl’s quest for freedom. Sixteen year old Ginger lives in a superficial society where people’s way of living is mechanical. The society is divided into different groups/sects/classes where each group has certain earmarked duties to perform. At the age of sixteen, every person has to go through a screening process where they are allotted  groups according to their skills. Those deemed unworthy of any group are marked for death. Ginger, however, refuses to accept such fate and runs away to a world that she heard of, in bedtime tales from her father.

The first book in the series, UNDESIRABLE, is Ginger’s journey to a different part of the world. The book portrays her hardships, predicaments, courage and will to survive.

The second book, UNDEFINABLE, portrays her settling into a new place and discovering more about her family and; inequitable truth of The Society.

The third book, UNDENIABLE, depicts the onset of a war between her new home and The Society that she left behind. Also, the third book finds her leading towards a possible relationship.

The author, Liz Iavorschi-Braun, through her writing, takes readers to a different world of travel, romance, adventure, self-discovery and courage. The readers empathize with the character as she goes through her predicaments. The readers can feel the pain, desperation and the will to fight as the character goes through these motions. The author has given a new definition to a strong female protagonist.

The concept of THE SOCIETY is fascinating. It’s appealing to imagine such a society to exist. Furthermore, throughout the series, character development is remarkable. Each character has its own story and it’s interesting to watch it unfold and affect the main story line. The story progresses in a way that holds interest of readers. A little warning though, all the books end with cliffhangers which keep the readers on lookout for succeeding parts.

So far, three books have been released from the series. There are going to be spin offs and other stand alone novellas.


BOOK: The God Jar

AUTHOR: Phill Featherstone

THE GOD JAR by PHILL FEATHERSTONE is one of a kind book which will change readers’ perspective of a historic novel. It’s set in two timelines, 16th century and 21st century England, connecting two worlds in the same story.

The tale revolves around a mysterious vessel (known as the god jar) which has been in existence since the beginning. It is known to possess great powers. A 16th century prominent entity plays a major role in discovering and documentation of its power. The jar takes the readers to great distances and great adventures, covering quite a few historical events, in which the god jar may or may not have played a part.

The historic and scientific concepts & theories are narrated in such a manner that are relatable to readers and not seem superficial. The novel takes readers on a journey of amalgamation of different worlds such as intellectual, travel, monetary, occult, political, romantic, and research, etc.

Most of the people have pre-conceived notion of a historic novel that it must be related to religion or something to do with orthodox notions; however, this book has an esoteric essence to it which makes it different from other historic novels.

The book itself is a testimony of author’s passion for this subject; and reflects his extensive research. Presenting facts in a way that is relatable to readers is a sign of a remarkable author. Books like these are written to be shared with entire world. It’s a brilliantly written book that one should read at least once in their lifetime.



BOOK: The Cabin Sessions

AUTHOR: Isobel Blackthorn

PUBLISHER: HellBound books

The cabin sessions, set in a fictional town of Burton, is a dark, psychological thriller.

The tale swaps between the present scenario i.e. a dark, stormy night where music sessions are taking place in a cabin and, episodes of past; connecting past with the present.

Burton is a town where there’s so much more than what meets the eyes. Each character has their own story and darkness within them which distinguishes them from other characters’ obscurity. They have their own secrets and sometimes they seem to be protecting others’ too. They all have different worlds yet are intertwined with one another. No one in this town is untouched by darkness.

Building up to a big revelation, the book leaves the readers turning pages as fast as they can; and a stupefying climax. The author, through her characters, has portrayed deceptive faces of humans.The author has mirrored the essence of the town and its inhabitants through the ambiance of the book which is dark and destructive; and the inevitable doomed outcome.



BOOK: Corridors of life- a talk with your own soul

AUTHOR: Ajay kumar

PUBLISHER: Invincible publishers


Corridors of life, a book written by author Ajay Kumar is a book which talks to readers at personal level. The book is motivating, inspiring and at the same time, relatable.

The first impression of the book is ‘Wow! Someone actually put this into words’.

The book talks about taking control of one’s own psyche and; how one can succeed in life, both at professional and personal front. It addresses issues like making life decisions, taking over one’s own mind, dealing with jealously, accepting failures, facing consequences of one’s decisions, etc.

What distinguishes the book from other inspirational books is that it is not written in a superficial manner. The author has included his own relatable life experiences to help readers understand the message that he is trying to convey. As you read further, you feel that the author knows you and is trying to guide you through life.

Though the book could use editing; and the readers might not agree with everything that the book has to offer, it certainly gets your mind spinning and compels you to think from a different perspective.  Moreover, the message and the motivational spirit of the book overshadows any shortcomings.

The author is a motivational speaker and founder of http://www.pephour.com