BOOK: The Cabin Sessions

AUTHOR: Isobel Blackthorn

GENRE: Thriller, Suspense

PUBLISHER: HellBound books

The cabin sessions, set in a fictional town of Burton, is a dark, psychological thriller.

The tale swaps between the present scenario i.e. a dark, stormy night where music sessions are taking place in a cabin and, episodes of past; connecting past with the present.

Burton is a town where there’s so much more than what meets the eyes. Each character has their own story and darkness within them which distinguishes them from other characters’ obscurity. They have their own secrets and sometimes they seem to be protecting others’ too. They all have different worlds yet are intertwined with one another. No one in this town is untouched by darkness.

Building up to a big revelation, the book leaves the readers turning pages as fast as they can; and a stupefying climax. The author, through her characters, has portrayed deceptive faces of humans.The author has mirrored the essence of the town and its inhabitants through the ambiance of the book which is dark and destructive; and the inevitable doomed outcome.



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