BLOG TOUR – KILLED by THOMAS ENGER (Henning Juul series)

BOOK: Killed (A Henning Juul Novel)

AUTHOR: Thomas Enger

GENRE: Thriller, Suspense


KILLED by THOMAS ENGER is the last book in the Henning Juul series. It is the climax that the readers have been waiting for since “Burned” (the first book of the series).

Henning juul, a crime investigation journalist returns to work after a long time, only to discover that the fire that killed his son and ruined his life was deliberate. Now with a divorced wife, and bearing mental and physical scars, he has nothing in life to look forward to. He dedicates his entire life to finding the mystery of that unfateful night.  In the process, he comes across the mafia and mysteries dating back to ages ago. With his own life and the life of his loved ones in danger, Henning Juul has to race against time and make intricate decisions of whom to trust. The much awaited climax will leave the readers breathless, in tears and with the shock of dealing with multiple fatalities.

Killed Blog Tour Poster

The book keeps the audience captivated through the plot and its fast pace. The novel depicts a man’s despair and dejection in such a realistic way that readers sympathize with the character. All the supporting characters have extremely important part to play.  The series also show a family’s struggle after losing a child and a new chapter adding to their grief. Those who have been reading the series since the beginning went through a roller coaster of a journey along with the characters. Now, with this novel, their ride ends with an astounding bang.

THOMAS ENGER has once again proved what a seasoned author he is. His writing keeps the readers on their toes, guessing what’s to come next. He provides his readers with an adrenaline rush which stays long after the book ends. A perfect assimilation of emotions, mystery, danger, crime and insight in the mafia life; this book speaks to people with all walks of life, be it readers preferring emotional books, or adrenaline junkies.

Though it is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone novel since the author is far-sighted to include the necessary information to keep up the readers with the story so far.


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