BOOK: The Ghost

AUTHOR: Mark Conte

GENRE: Thriller


A gruesome, chilling and most of all, a TRUE story of a serial killer that will shake you from the core, THE GHOST by MARK CONTE, is a novel that you read to witness a real world nightmare.

A small, safe community has been plagued by the death of little girls where a serial killer is targeting little girls. He violates them in the most inhumane way and leaves them to dissipate until they are eventually found. He is vicious, and a man without soul. He cunningly gets away every time, hiding behind the persona of an All American Man. The law enforcement bend out backwards to catch him, only to encounter failure at every step of the way. The parents are devastated and feel so powerless when it comes to protecting their little girls. Read the book to find out the truth of how the law enforcement finally caught the perpetrator and took the measures to do so.


The book is a roller coaster ride to varying emotions such as devastation, frustration, helplessness and gut-wrenching pain. The law enforcement has done a commendable job in catching the perpetrator and deserve all the praise that they get. You read this book not for any other reason but to feel the pain of parents who lost the light of their lives, little children who had their entire lives ahead of them, law enforcement who felt helpless and took extreme measures to catch the serial killer; and the mystery of a serial killer who reigned terror upon a small community. It’s a book that you cannot put down once you start with it. The pain, helplessness, and the little girls that had so much to receive from life yet do NOT ALLOW you to put down the book. It’s the kind of book that stays with you your entire life, because it’s not just a book, it’s an emotion.

The author, MARK CONTE, has done a phenomenal job. He hasn’t exaggerated any situation and presented facts, unadulterated. The story deserves an author who could present it in a way that would strike a chord with the audience and Mark Conte has done just that. Not to mention, it takes immense courage on the part of author to pen down such a haunting story, and show such level of maturity as to make the book realistic enough to give an opportunity for readers to connect with it.



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