BOOK: Keeper ( Roy and Castells series)

AUTHOR: Johana Gustawsson, TRANSLATED BY: Maxim Jakubowski

GENRE: Thriller


KEEPER , Roy and Castells series is a psychological thriller which features one of the most infamous serial killer of all time, Jack the Ripper. The book is written by the queen of French noir, Johana Gustawsson, and is translated by Maxim Jakubowski.

Emily Roy, a profiler and Alexis Castell, a true crime writer work together like a well oiled machine. They have worked together previously and are brilliant at what they do. However, this time, they have come across a vicious serial killer who is already in their custody. The main question is whether there’s a copy killer on the loose or does he have an accomplice? His victims are killed in such a gruesome manner that he is being compared to the infamous killer in the late nineteenth century called Jack the Ripper. The book is set in two eras, contemporary world and nineteenth century. This killer has taken upon himself to pass judgment on women who, according to him, have defied the laws of god. Both the officers, amongst others, have to put their might and minds together to catch him before its too late for his latest victim.


The book revolves around the theme of cannibalism which I absolutely love (at the risk of sounding deranged). The scenes are portrayed in such a way that they seem realistic (well, as realistic as the can be without having the readers throw up). Though the book is titled Emily Roy and Alexis Castells series, the author (and the translator) has done justice to all the characters and they all have an equally important part to play. The book depicts two worlds which are poles apart, yet have some haunting similarities. The book has some graphic scenes, so toughen up before reading it.

The author has done a brilliant job on the book. Thumbs up to the translator as well. Maxim Jakubowski has translated the book in such a manner that it manages to retain its essence. Such a topic and description could not have been easy to translate, all the while maintaining its originality and quality. Both of them have done justice to the characters, descriptions, scenes, and imagery, so kudos to both of them.


Johana Pic

Born in 1978 in Marseille and with a degree in political science, Johana Gustawsson has worked as a journalist for the french press and television. She married a Swede and now lives in London. She was the co-author of a bestseller, on se retrouvera, published by Fayard Noir in France, whose television adaptation drew over 7 million viewers in June 2015. her debut, block 46, was an award winning, international bestseller, with Keeper following suit. She is working on the next book in Roy and Castells series.


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