BOOK: Implant

AUTHOR: Ray Clark

GENRE: Crime Fiction


Witness a small town’s big tragedy. A sadistic killer is on the loose in the Bramfield town, targeting victims from all walks of life. Detectives Stewart Gardner and Sean Reilly have to race against time in order to catch the killer before its too late. A killer that’s too dangerous and too ruthless, detectives whose life revolve around their duties and people whose life is now in danger, read IMPLANT to get to the chilling climax.

The characters, the plot, the very essence of the book is chilling. you can feel the adrenaline and the need to discover who the culprit is, along with the characters.

The author has done a tremendous job in spinning such a mystery. From the very first page, the book will suck in the readers with its powerful plot and won’t let go even when they are done reading it.


Ray Clark Author Image

The British Fantasy Society published Ray Clark’s first work in 1995 – Manitou Man: The World of Graham Masterton, was nominated for both the World and British Fantasy Awards. In 2009, Ray’s short story, Promises To Keep, made the final shortlist for the best short story award from The Tom Howard Foundation. Ray is based in Goole, and has set his Gardener and Reilly crime series in nearby Leeds.





BOOK: Do No Harm


GENRE: Mystery, Thriller,Suspense

DO NO HARM by L.V.HAY is a thriller and mystery novel destined to make readers go crazy with it’s brilliant and chilling plot.

A couple, trying to start a new life find themselves surrounded by many calamities. The unbearable and psychotic ex-husband, the responsibility of a child and the newness of a new relationship; seem to overwhelm them in a way they weren’t expecting. However, amidst all this, a threat is looming over them and their happiness; and the person behind their woes is the one that you cannot see coming.

Readers reading this book, be prepared to have your mind blown. The plot building, the character development and the mystery, all the factors which make the ‘thriller and mystery’ genre a hit, are all on point. The tale is spun in such a way that it ropes in readers and they cannot put it down until they have discovered everything that is meant to be the suspense.

Kudos to the author for exhibiting such a fine penmanship and creating a memorable tale.



BOOK: Busted

AUTHOR: Michele I Khoury


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an extract from MICHELE I KHOURY’s novel BUSTED. Hope you all will enjoy it as much as i did.

Chapter 2 Miguel-Fuckin’ Leo                                                       September 2018


 At the Costa Mesa Fitness Center, Miguel Lopez picked up a fifty-pound weight for a set of one-armed curls and planned his next cocaine shipment. He’d bring in eight hundred keys, or a little over seventeen hundred pounds, his largest yet.

Switching arms, he continued curling and scanned the gym—a converted hangar that reeked of sweat and mildew. The noisy air conditioner made conversation difficult, so chicks stayed away, and the bikers and bouncers kept to themselves–which was fine with him. Working out was his private time, and he savored the solitude.

As he admired his abs in the mirror, he prided himself on not using steroids or drugs of any kind. Those were for wimps. He sniggered. Yeah, wimps who’d pay a thousand to two thousand dollars per ounce for blow.

Coke was a lot more lucrative than his container business, and keeping the supply channel open with the Sinaloa Cartel was crucial. He made a mental note to pay the two million dollars next week. Yup, life was good.

The gym doors banged open, drawing his attention. Leo ambled in, followed by some dude.

Jesus Fucking Christ. No matter how many times Miguel had told Leo to come alone, the dumbass didn’t get it. Seeing him in the same V-necked orange shirt tucked into his skinny jeans, made Miguel want to strangle the dipshit using his greasy ponytail.

Leo gestured for his companion to stay back and sauntered over.

Who was he trying to impress? Last week, he’d brought a butt-ugly chick, and today it was a guy with tat-covered guns peeking out of an army-green tee.

“Hey, man.” Leo raised his fist for a knuckle bump.

Miguel put down the weight so he wouldn’t clobber the son-of-a-bitch. He nodded toward the man with curly brown hair and beard. “Got your own muscle now?”

Leo pointed. “That’s Garcia, my customer. He’s cool.”

Un-fucking-believable. “You brought him here?” Miguel’s temper soared. “¡Pinche puto pendejo!” Without warning, he punched Leo’s scrawny stomach, causing him to double over. Miguel held down the dealer’s bony back, preventing him from standing.

Leo struggled.

Miguel scanned the room, challenging anyone to interfere. No one did. He checked out Garcia, who sat with his back against the wall. His eyes flashed from Miguel to Leo, but he made no move to approach.

Satisfied, Miguel released the prick.

Leo stood, gasping for air. “Didn’t tell him your name.”

“What part of ‘it’s not safe for you or me’ don’t you understand?” Miguel asked through clenched teeth.

The idiot winced. “I thought you’d, ah, like to meet him.”

Most dealers would kill to keep their customers a secret. Miguel stepped within two inches of Leo’s nose. “Why would I want to meet your fuckin’ customer?”

Leo jumped back a couple feet. “He buys a lot.”

Miguel checked out Garcia, who opened a pocketknife and cleaned his nails. While giving the appearance of being laid back, he was watching every move. Shrewd.

Chills crawled down Miguel’s spine. Shrewd wasn’t good. If the dude ever ID’d Miguel, he’d get it right. How could Leo be that stupid, bringing in a stranger?

Leo’s eyes darted. He seemed more agitated than usual.

Was he using blow? Miguel checked Leo’s nose for redness or powder remnants. No. The cocksucker was naturally edgy.

“I was wonderin’ when I could get more shit, ya know? I’m gettin’ low.”

“Soon.” Miguel shoved Leo’s chest. “Now get the hell out.”

He stumbled away.

To help relieve his irritation, Miguel put two hundred pounds on the rack and did fifteen military presses. His other dealers understood their supply depended on protecting Miguel’s identity—but not fuckin’ Leo!

Miguel watched the asshole swagger out, followed by Garcia.

Leo’s customer was street smart; Miguel would give him that. Still, he hated being exposed. If Leo did stupid shit like this, what else was he doing?

Miguel felt as if a ten-pound weight had lodged in his gut.


Khoury, Michele 04-16-4872_cover

Writing is Michele I. Khoury’s third career. After graduating from the University of California at Riverside with a Masters degree in Economics, she worked at Xerox, where she set multiple sales records, and Apple Computer, where she received the Business Development Manager of the Year award. For twenty-one years, she was an international business consultant and taught technology companies around the world how to sell.

Her writing career began when she took the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Novel Writing Classes offered through the University of California Irvine’s extension program. She was one of three out of the fourteen students her professor choose to mentor and attended weekly critique sessions for six years. BUSTED is her debut novel, and she is currently writing her second book, which is about domestic violence and abuse.

She lives in Orange County, California with her husband and rescued dogs, Bubbles and Thriller.

For more information, please visit



BOOK: Good girl bad girl

AUTHOR: Ann Girdharry

GENRE: Action


GOOD GIRL BAD GIRL by ANN GIRDHARRY is an action packed, story of a woman who is on a quest to search for her missing mother, and the conspiracy behind her disappearance.

Kal Medi, a woman of Indian origin, residing in London, ventures out on a mission to search for her missing mother. She discovers that her mother had been working on a story to uncover some huge, and illegal activity. Her search leads her to india, where she discovers the main hub of this illegal activity, controlled from the UK. She now must race against time in order to save her mother, and reveal the culprits.


The author has done a brilliant job on the book. She has created a power packed book, with a strong female protagonist. Amalgamation of cultures is the highlight of this book. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in Kal Medi series.


BOOK: Emerald Dream



The second book in the bronze rebellion series, EMERALD DREAM by L C PERRY, is undoubtedly the best version of sequel in the series.

Continuing from the previous book , it begins from the point where it left off as a cliffhanger. The neglected and ignorant princess has been kidnapped and is made to realize the reality of her kingdom. She is forced by her conscious, duties and heart to come out of her ignorant shell and confront the reality of what has been happening under her nose. She finally learns the harsh reality of her kingdom. Along with this eye opener, witness changing relationships between the royals and the rebels. The story now takes a romantic turn as well. It ends at a point where you immediately want to know what happens next.

The book has gotten more interesting, dangerous and adventurous. It has now a whole lot of new aspects to explore. With the characters now exploring their full potential, each and every one has something new and more to offer. The story has also now infused more humor and romance in it. Every day the dynamics of relationships are changing, and its interesting to watch people adapting to them.

The author has continued her mature writing style and the level of the book. She has literally done it again. No matter how much time elapses between reading the two novels, once you start reading again, you discover that the characters have been waiting to be explored by you all along.



BOOK: Get Out Of My Dreams

AUTHOR: Allan J. Lewis

GENRE: Adventure, Mystery, Erotic

GET OUT MY DREAMS by ALLAN J. LEWIS is an erotic, adventurous book with an esoteric sense to it. It is the first book in Joe the magic man series.

The book opens at an interesting note of a couple being hypnotized in their dream. They get to know that they are being visited by a person who can enter other beings’ dreams and make them to do his bidding. However, the dreams seem harmless; instead they are erotic in nature. Gradually, the relation becomes entangled and something happens that has never happened before.
At the same time, the FBI is searching for this mystery man and is hoping to catch him through this couple. What leads to a web of mysteries and old cases, GET OUT OF MY DREAMS end at a note that would leave the readers pining for more adventures.


The book starts at a promising note. The adventures and their commencement will give the readers an adrenaline rush, and take them on an unforgettable journey. The erotic recreation of some of the stories will make people blush. Moreover, the chase, the adventure; and the thrill factors are worth giving this book a try.

The author has written the book in such a way that it is tastefully erotic in nature. The adventures described are enough for an adventure junkie to lust after this book. The book is an amalgamation of eroticism, adventure, thrill and mystery.


Lewis was born in August 1939 in South Wales, Y.K., where he still lives. He is a retired coal miner and part-time fire fighter. Lewis is married and has two children and two grandchildren.
Since he was a child, Lewis’s ambition was to write adventure stories; however, he never found the time until he retired. “Get out of my dreams” is his first novel, and he is currently working on his next book.


BOOK: We Other

AUTHOR: Sue Bentley

GENRE: Young Adult, Fantasy


WE OTHER by SUE BENTLEY is the story of a teenager’s discovery of her true self in a magical realm.

A teenage, whose life is in shambles, is trying to get through a rough patch in her life. An alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriend, eating from trash cans, and trying to keep up in school; life couldn’t be worse, eh? This however, seems normal as compared to what’s about to happen that will change her world upside down. Discover the world of magic, fairies, and glamour. Also, the world of fairies is not so pure as what we are told in bedtime stories.


The book progresses at a steady pace and is one of the most compelling young adult novel I have read in a long time. The characters, their evolvement, and their roles is merged into the story in such a way as to give a natural succession. A story of long lost relationships, novice relationships, and family ties; it will take you to a rollercoaster of emotions.

The author, Sue Bentley, has written the book beautifully, creating two different worlds with an eye for detail. The story ends at such an interesting point that will make you want to pick up the next book in the series as soon as possible.

We Other full Banner


We Other - Sue author pic 5

Sue Bentley discovered a love of books at an early age. She worked for Northamptonshire Libraries for many years, while teaching herself the craft of writing. She is the author of the worldwide bestselling Magic Kitten, Magic Puppy, Magic Ponies, Magic Bunny series for age 5-9 years. She also writes for children and adults under various pen names. A lover of English Folklore, her books often contain elements of the otherworld and the darkness within the everyday. Her books have been translated into around 20 languages. We Other is her first book for Young Adults.


BOOK: Songs Of Innocence

AUTHOR: Anne Coates

GENRE: Thriller


SONGS OF INNOCENCE by ANNE COATES is an intense, suspenseful and intriguing novel that is the third book in Hannah Weybridge series.

A crime investigative reporter in a prestigious newspaper has survived a major, deadly plot in the previous book. She is now trying to move on with her daughter and hopefully a trusting man. However, moving on is easier said than done. She is still suffering from the aftermath of what happened, trying to come out of it unscathed. Furthermore, there seems to be a new danger looming over her, and her acquaintances when the body of a teenage Asian girl turns up. Another case to solve, SONGS OF INNOCENCE is the story of a woman’s courage, trust and bravery.

songs of innocence

The book does justice to all the characters in it. The book is written in such a way that you get an idea of what is happening and what has happened in the previous one fairly early. It’s a book with complex emotions, risk taking factors; and a woman’s courage and her dealing with aftermath of a difficult situation.

The author, ANNE COATES, has done a tremendous job on the book. She has created a character who is brave, yet vulnerable. She is the most relatable character in the book. She defies all the conventional notions of a typical woman, and yet attains everything that she strives for.


Anne Coates Author Image

Reading and writing has been Anne Coates’ passion for as long as she can remember. Instilled and inspired by her mother and by the Deputy Head at her secondary school who encouraged her hunger for reading by granting her free access to the books not yet in the school library, and she feels still grateful for this, in her eyes, amazing privilege.

After her degree in English and French, Anne moved to London to stay. During her career she worked for publishers, as a journalist, writer, editor, and translator. The birth of her daughter, Olivia inspired her to write non-fiction books, such as ‘Your Only Child’ (Bloomsbury, 1996), books about applying to and surviving university (NeedtoKnow, 2013), but also short stories, tales with a twist, and stories exploring relationships, published in two collections by Endeavour Press (2015).

The sometimes strange places Anne visited as a journalist often made her think “What if…” And so, investigative journalist Hannah Weybridge was born… The Hannah Weybridge series currently consists of three books, all published by Urbane Publications: ‘Dancers in the Wind’ (2016), ‘Death’s Silent Judgement’ (2017), and ‘Songs of Innocence’ (2018).

Anne Coates lives in London with three demanding cats and enjoys reading, going to the theatre and cinema, wining and dining.



BOOK: Tracking A Shadow


GENRE: Thriller, Suspense

TRACKING A SHADOW is a thriller that will rope you in with its storyline before you can turn to second page.

A male personal investigator is employed by a woman who claims that she is being stalked. And that’s not all; she has been stalked before as well. Now her shadow, the PI is trying to uncover who the stalker is, all while pursuing a new relationship with a beautiful and intelligent woman. However, things start to get a bit twisted when he is tailed and asked to provide information regarding the case to a complete stranger. All the suspects start to get to get threatened or killed. The PI has to up his game if he wants to stay alive and solve the case.


The character of the PI is portrayed as a conventional male- looking at every girl, getting into trouble and blaming it on women, not being able to decipher what’s in front of him and being frustrated about it.

Apart from the typical, testosterone-y male image, the book is a fantastic read for all the thriller and suspense junkies. The book will hold your attention from the very first page, till the end. The book is a labyrinth of suspense, mysteries that will make you want to read it in one go.

Blog Tour-Book Review ABSENT by EMMA SALISBURY

BOOK: Absent

AUTHOR: Emma Salisbury

GENRE: Thriller, Crime


ABSENT by EMMA SALISBURY is the fourth book in THE DS COUPLAND SERIES. It’s a fast paced book with a cast that has been with us since Book 1 of the series, though the book can be read as a standalone novel as well.

DS Coupland, a hardworking, good man is a cop whose life has taken a 360 turn. In the last novel, he killed off a serial killer after his family, and he is still dealing with its aftermath. However, with new chapter, comes unforeseen danger that seems like a catastrophe in light of what has already happened. He unveils a human trafficking group and their far-reaching power. This novel sees him juggling pressures in the work as well as at home.

The book is fast paced, with tale woven in such a way that keeps the readers at the edge of their seats. All the characters have so much to offer and we explore that as the story progresses. The book shows the hard work and predicaments of law enforcement, along with them trying to overcome personal stuff.

The author has done a fantastic job on the book. She has created characters with whom the readers can sympathize and empathize. The story is written in such a marvelous way that helps readers catch up with what has happened in the previous book, as well as maintain the mystery and essence of the newness in the story. Each book’s adventure is different from the other, yet the story seems connected in a way that makes the readers invest in the characters and build a relationship with them overtime.